New Firmament





Spearheaded by N. Podgurski (drummer of New York band Extra Life), Feast of the Epiphany is constantly unfurling with origins dating back as early as 2001.  Recently mobilized, 2011 saw a rash of releases, each unique and standing apart from its counterparts.  The recordings, unclassifiable, run the gamut of comparisons from dark ambient and doom/progressive metal, to post modern classical and 70′s radio pop.  The forthcoming album TEMPERANCE only expands this bizarre world in which Feast of the Epiphany seems to exist.  With the addition of collaborators Tony Gedrich (Stats/Iconchasm/Extra Life) and Andrew Hock (Castevet/Hazel Rah) and the guest contributions of Mick Barr (Krallice/Orthrelm) and Tim Byrnes (Kayo Dot/Hazel Rah) Feast of the Epiphany venture further into a place where light and darkness are of equal uncertainty.

The 2011 debut collection of songs INDIVINITY – Parts I&II (New Firmament), quickly followed by a pair of more ambient releases Solitude and Forever Carry Us Forever Destroy Us accompanied tours with Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts/Dysrhythmia), Extra Life, etc.  Spring/Summer 2012 brings the reissue of Solitude on LP (New Firmament).

In Autumn 2012 Feast of the Epiphany will tour the south and midwest US in October.  A tour of Europe is scheduled for early November.















Now defunct, YUKON were N. Podgurski, Sam Garrett, and Brad Smith.  In addition to the 7″ Life Inside (FIRM001), their final full length Yukon is available through Damage Rituals Cassettes.