New Firmament


It’s been some time since the last update.  Don’t mistake the silence for inactivity.  At long last the newest release NEW FIRMAMENT – GIFT OF MITHRA (FIRM 012) is upon us.  Minimal, sculpted, and slowly unfolding ambient soundtrack for the slowing of the mind and body.  c46 Available Now!

$7 – c46


As the summer descends we are actively at work on a revived version of the weekly playlist as well as booking a handful of New Firmament performances for late summer/fall.  (Interested parties in the Northeast/Midwest US refer here).  Work on the next Feast of the Epiphany is well underway.  With that I’d like to formally welcome Caley Monahon-Ward (of Extra Life) into the fray (though rarely has he been uninvolved).  Working side by side on both the new FOTE as well as a separate, collaborative electronic effort has been a pleasure and continues to allow the nature of this thing to shift and expand freely and wonderfully.

That is all for now.  Hope to see you soon at some of these upcoming performances.  If you are interested in acquiring releases, being added to the playlist recipients, booking, interviews, just about anything else contact us, as always here:


Clarification, Updates, and Continuing Forward


After a winter of massive transition NEW FIRMAMENT has re-emerged.  The past six months have more strongly defined NEW FIRMAMENT as an entity and we are working hard to further clarify what NEW FIRMAMENT is for those with the sense to receive it.

The notion of operating as a ‘record label’ has never been a concern nor focus of NEW FIRMAMENT.  NEW FIRMAMENT is solely a collection of recordings largely created by, or in collaboration with, N. Podgurski.  Spring 2013 marked our first non-vanity issuance, Derek Reinhardt’s ‘Filthy Flamingo.’  As we continue forward with this collection we hope to have physical copies of the reissue of The Organ Donors Present:Vincent by late summer among sundry others the future has to offer.

In coming months look for the transference of a very specific portion of the Feast of Epiphany catalog into a project with broader spectrum of focus simply called NEW FIRMAMENT.  NEW FIRMAMENT as a live and recorded entity will carry on the trajectory initiated on FOTE releases like ‘Solitude,’  ‘Forever Carry Us, Forever Destroy Us,’ and ‘Indivinity II&III.’  The summer has already been graced with live performances by NEW FIRMAMENT and these will continue as we work towards the release of the first proper record by ‘NEW FIRMAMENT.’  We are incredibly happy to be working with Sean Gray/Accidental Guest Recordings on this release.  Furthermore a handful of collaborations in the ether (some due in the nearer future than others) with Castevet (Profound Lore Recordings), NYC composer Sam Garrett’s ‘Voice Coils’,  as well as a slow-burning collaboration with Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts/Vaura/Dysrhythmia).

We’ve recently undertaken an ongoing playlist/dj-set by mail project (SEE BELOW).  If you would like to receive this and/or other NEW FIRMAMENT-related updates contact:  bibochairs(at)gmail(dot)com.

A marked need:

- for immediate gratification
- to be awash in a deluge of information

seems to be definitively the direction of things in recent years.    It feels right to move slower and (re)focus that ‘rapid fire expanded recipients of the universe’ notion and convert (at least a portion of it) into something of strengthened integrity.  This ongoing playlist series will remain as it has begun (a weekly series of individual links to songs).  A bi-weekly labor of love; a playlist for you the listener to enjoy; a chance to continue to dig for new musical experiences (with AND without the physical medium).  As the physical medium comes in and out of flux, and the availability of information is on the upswing, this can (hopefully) maintain that slow-moving interactive dance between music and listener.  A dance that requires a little work.



Derek Reinhardt – Filthy Flamingo OUT NOW!


Excited to announce the first non-vanity release on NEW FIRMAMENT:
DEREK REINHARDT – Filthy Flamingo

Derek Reinhardt’s ‘Filthy Flamingo’ is a concise and dense display of solo guitar in insane hermetic splendor.  Brilliant in both complexity and simplicity it is an expressive gem of undeniable integrity.  Clearly not to be dismissed as a mere collection of demos, Reinhardt’s debut restores and re-establishes order in those dusty corners of solo guitar. 

$7 - CS 28 (Limited Edition of 30)
ORDER NOW - bibochairs (at) gmail (dot) com

Feast of the Epiphany – Radiance of Mania 7″

Very pleased to announce the release of Feast of the Epiphany – Radiance of Mania.  Limited Edition of 100.  Co-released w/ Shatter Your Leaves and Terra Firma Recordings.

With “Radiance of Mania” 7” Feast of the Epiphany at its most catchy and focused is manifest.  Not entirely without the harshness and abstraction of 2012’s Temperance, “Radiance of Mania” strips Feast of the Epiphany of its collaborators (Castevet/Hazel Rah’s Andrew Hock and Krallice/Ocrilim’s Mick Barr to name a few) and centers on its fundamental core.  Miracle Worker’s keys echo of fuzz-infested garage overwhelmed by a weightier, denser sense of a world both complex and primeval.  Feast of the Epiphany will be touring the US in winter and spring 2013.

$7 (Limited Edition of 100)
ORDER NOW – bibochairs (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you

Thank you to everyone involved in these last few months of shows.  A HUGE thanks to Town Portal and the cities of Copenhagen, Berlin, and Delemont.  As always sad to see it come to an end yet excited to be back and begin working on some new things.  New directions/gathering steam.

For the time being INDIVINITY III is SOLD OUT!  Look for an eventual reissue (hopefully on vinyl down the line).

A LIMITED NUMBER of European Tour T Shirts are still available.  Hand screened by Scott Archer at Black Collar Printing.  Only a few made and even few left in sizes M, and L.  Contact us here:  bibochairs(at)gmail(dot)com

In the next few weeks FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY – RADIANCE OF MANIA 7″  b/w (I AIN’T NO) MIRACLE WORKER will be out in limited numbers on New Firmament/Shatter Your Leaves/Terra Firma.  Ltd Ed 100 copies.

WINTER 2014:
US Solo Feast of the Epiphany dates TBA.  If interested in booking something in your city contact us here: bibochairs(at)gmail(dot)com.

Feast of the Epiphany – Temperance and Fall Dates

Very pleased to announce that Feast of the Epiphany Temperance is now available streaming online HERE.

Also coming up are a handful of shows in the US and EU.
These are likely to be the only performances for this fall.


(all shows w/ collaborators Tony Gedrich and Andrew Hock)
10/19 – BROOKLYN – Vaudeville Park (Vaudeville/Shatter Your Leaves CMJ Showcase)

10/20 – ASHEVILLE NC – Foogmess III

10/21 – SAVANNAH – 1417 (contact for address/details)

10/22 – SARASOTA – New College of FL

10/23 – MIAMI – Churchill’s Pub

10/24 – ATHENS GA – GO Bar


10/26 – NASHVILLE – Owl Farm

10/27 – MURFREESBORO TN – Avalon (815 Ewing Blvd)

10/28 – CARBONDALE IL – Lost Cross w/ Criaturas

10/29 – ST LOUIS – TBA w/ Dinner Music and Behindlings
(Nathan Cook/Chris Smentkowski w/ visuals by Jeremy Kannappel)

10/31 – MINNEAPOLIS – Kitty Kat Club
w/ Claps, Thunderbolt Pagoda, and The Funeral and the Twilight

11/1 – CHICAGO – TBA w/ Cool Memories

11/2 – CHICAGO – Swerp Mansion
(email for the address)

(Solo Performances. All shows w/ Town Portal)

11/7 – POTTSDAM (DE) – Black Fleck


11/9 – HANNOVER (DE) – UJZ Korn

11/10 – BREMEN (DE) – Treue

11/11 – PARIS (FR) – La Cantine

11/12 – ZURICH (CH) – Boschbar

11/15 – BASEL (CH) – TBA

11/16 – KOLN (DE) – Limes

11/17 – BERLIN (DE) – Schokoladen

11/18 – CHEMNITZ (DE) – AC17

11/23 – DELEMONT (CH) – SAS **(without Town Portal)

12/3 – COPENHAGEN (DK) – Baest Monday Ever @ Husets Biograf w/ Town Portal and Broken Birdie

Feast of the Epiphany – Indivinity III


Feast of the Epiphany – Indivinity III

The third part of this ongoing release. The deepest and bleakest yet.

c76 Available for $7 plus shipping (varies)

Feast of the Epiphany – Fall Dates

FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY will be hitting the road in October. If you are interested in booking something in your city contact us here: bibochairs(at)gmail(dot)com.

Feast of the Epiphany – Solitude LP

 Feast of the Epiphany Solitude LPs are in.

Available here for $15 ppd (world orders inquire about shipping –  Copies are also available through Extra Life who are currently on tour in the US.  Check dates here: